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05-08-2022 | Rijksmuseum: Directors’ choice: the Night Watch






Organised chaos

Director Taco Dibbits on his favourites

Who better to tell you more about our most famous works than the director? In this video, Taco tells you more about The Night Watch. Take a look and find out more about this famous painting by Rembrandt van Rijn.







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Did you know this about the Night Watch?

From the series 10 things about...

Rembrandt’s Night Watch is the most famous and most important painting in the Netherlands. Learn more about this masterpiece and discover some things you may not have known.


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Something interesting about Marvel’s movie posters

From the series is this Art?

The Avengers, to some just a successful movie for others a marvelous cinematic universe. But what do The Avengers Infinity War poster and a famous 17th-century painting have in common?


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